Hello, my name is John von Pamer. I am a New York City-based editorial/advertising photographer with a fine-art bent.

I bought a medium format camera in 2006 and I’ve been shooting full time since 2008.

Mike Disfarmer and August Sander, two photographers that I admire, operated portrait studios open to the public. Anyone could walk in and have their picture taken. I find this deeply inspiring and therefore operate my own studio. If you would like to have a portrait made please call to schedule an appointment. If you are camera-shy please note my working style is very relaxed. Details are available at:von Pamer for hire.

Some background on me: I grew up in the Northern Virginia suburbs of DC and made excellent use of my high school years by skateboarding and watching punk rock bands. I wanted to be a stunt man but studied painting and art history at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. I played drums in the indie rock band called Tsunami, which was huge for a tiny subset of English music critics. In 1996, I moved to New York City and worked for a decade in a truly wide assortment of design jobs (e.g. I was employed by SPIN Magazine and Morgan Stanley at the same time) before turning to photography.

The “von” in von Pamer was bestowed upon me by the staff of American PHOTO Magazine during the seven years when I was Associate Art Director there. Despite my decidedly non-noble ancestry, the name has stuck.