Eric Demby and Jonathan Butler, of the Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg, opened Berg’n. Annabelle Selldorf made it beautiful. I took some pix, had a delicious cider, ate a strangely delicious hamburger. T Magazine ran the pic:

Better on Toast

“Better on Toast” By Jill Donenfeld will be released March 2015 by William Morrow Cookbooks. I took the photos (with the style council of Brian Hieser and Erin McDowell).

Here’s an outtake of Jill at Hudson River Park. We walked over there for the shoot but this is what any random day hanging with Jill entails… eating ice cream and drinking pink champagne.I know your jealous.

It is my third cookbook and I’m on the lookout for another. Hear that chef?


Ryan McCally of Consulate filmed the making of the advertising campaign I shot for the WestHouse Hotel.

It was my first major advertising campaign. I learned a ton from everyone involved and I pray to the photo gods that they sprinkle more jobs like this one on me! Special thanks to Vince and Elizabeth at Revolver New York.

The super concerned glasses-wearing bearded dude in the youtube preview below is me… I guess I get really into my work!

Dave Kehr

This portrait of film critic Dave Kehr was the first or second editorial shot I ever made. I was Associate Art Director at American PHOTO Magazine at the time and word on the street was that magazines were going to start folding at a rapid clip. (Extreme accuracy and word on the street are not always the same but in this instance it was the gospel truth). I didn’t want to transition into web design so I started begging my bosses for portrait assignments. I wanted to try and understand what being a photographer meant and they were kind enough to let me out of the office for a couple hours every so often. (Thanks Deborah, thanks Dave!)

What I didn’t understand about being a photographer then is that pictures take on a life of their own after you make them. This picture has run many many times since being made as Dave Kehr seems to like it. His recent appointment to the Museum of Modern Art as Adjunct Curator in the Department of Film means it is being used again in perhaps my favorite usage so far… This time with the MOMA logo nearby which makes me just so happy.

Sarah Flint

Here’s a portrait of shoe designer Sarah Flint that I took in Soho while she was in the midst of launching her company. The focused determination of people starting companies is always a thrill to be around.

Patrick Stewart larger than life

I took photos during the marriage of Sir Patrick Stewart to Ms. Sunny Ozell. ABC’s The View pressed the super size button when they ran the photo in the background. I like it! (My apologies for the phone-ish quality of the pic but a phone in the hand is worth two better cameras when in a rush.)

WestHouse Hotel

The still life advertising job I shot for the WestHouse Hotel got the full page treatment in T: The New York Times Style Magazine.

It was my first major ad campaign and these good people made it happen. Thank you Thank you Thank you to Vince and Elizabeth at Revolver and prop stylist/genius Olivia Sammons at Jed Root.

Lee Ranaldo and the Dust

I shot Lee Ranaldo and the Dust for Matador Records at the end of July. It was the night before the club Maxwell’s sadly closed its doors.

The first show I ever saw at Maxwell’s was Nirvana. (Apparently youtube isn’t yet a complete repository of everything ever but here’s video of them at Maxwell’s the year before I saw them: )

I blew out my lighting pack and set off the fire alarm with a smoke machine so we decided to move outside for reasons of safety.

Franny’s Cookbook

I am very pleased to have been the photographer of the just-released Franny’s Cookbook from Artisan Press.

My deep appreciation and gratitude go out to Francine Stephens and Andrew Feinberg. I’d never taken a food photo before shooting this book and they went to bat for me. Thank you Franny and Andrew!

Thanks are also due to Cindy DiPrima who styled the book (and held my hand on my first big project), editor Judy Pray at Artisan, writer Melissa Clark, and Kevin Brainard who art directed the book in it’s early stages.

“I want a book to break my heart; everything else is television.”

“To be different without being confusing, to be radical without promoting a scorched-earth policy, to be intellectual while remaining emotional and to be emotional without succumbing to sentimentality, to find a new form that is immediately negotiable—these would be the aims I’d shoot for, in our drear day.”

- Jeffrey Eugenides to Jim Lewis, in a series of written exchanges about Bloomsday and literary modernism.